New Hire Setup Request

We understand that the hiring process can fluctuate for each organization. If at all possible, it would be preferable if you can give us at least a two-week notice for when a new hire starts. This way we can properly schedule your request and this ensures we reduce the risk of missing anything. This also allows us enough time to get in and setup any new hardware and software you may be getting for the new user(s).

If you are unable to give us two-week notice, we at least ask you give us a minimum of one weeks notice if no new hardware and software is required for the new user. If we do not get at least a weeks notice, this could delay your request up to 2-4 business days.

Your Name *
Your Name
New Hire Name *
New Hire Name
Start Date for New Hire *
Start Date for New Hire
Best Contact Number for New Hire *
Best Contact Number for New Hire
Supervisor of New Hire
Supervisor of New Hire
If you will be re-purposing another employee's computer, please provide details on who's workstation you want us to re-purpose.
Please indicate any computer details for the computer needed if known (Manufacturer, model number, part number) *Disregard if a computer has already been purchased.
Please list all of the applications the new hire will need access to, such as Microsoft Office, Quickbooks, etc.)
(ex: Public, Finance, Docs, etc.)
Which printer(s) does the new hire need access to.