Patching is Fundamental to Preventing Vulnerabilities

…but if you have worked in IT long, you probably know patching as a double-edged sword. As much as the holes need to be patched you have no doubt had at least one machine made completely inoperable by applying a simple patch. After this experience, the tendency then is to neglect patching, almost always to the eventual detriment of the system as a whole.

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the Largest Data Breach in History

Equifax is definitely not the most current example, but it certainly is the most famous, blaming probably the largest data breach in history on a single person failing to patch a known issue.

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A Defined Process for Patching Acros the Organization

At XOGENT, we have the experience needed to manage and monitor patches across your entire organization.

What Our Services Include

At XOGENT, we manage and monitor patches across your entire organization. We begin by cleaning up all existing patch policies and automatic update policies. We roll patches out to a pilot group, then a test group, then to your remaining production machines over the course of several days to ensure that issues with a particular patch can be tested and remedied prior to deploying across the entire organization.

We also patch third party products (listed below) as well as Mac and Linux machines. When patches fail to install — as many do — we attempt to remediate any endpoint issues. Our fully managed patching services include:

  • Windows patches

  • Mac and Linux patches

  • Compliance monitoring

  • Patch Approval and Management

  • Patch Rebooting

  • Patching for Adobe Air, DC, Flash, Shockwave, XI

  • Patching for 7-Zip

  • Patching for Chrome and Firefox

  • Patching for iTunes

  • Patching for Java

  • Patching for Notepad++

  • Patching for VLC Media

  • Patching for Thunderbird

  • Windows Feature Packs

  • Patching for Microsoft Office

  • Patching Status Dashboard

  • Patch Monitoring

  • Patch Failure Notification


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