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Founder and President Lawton Brown

Let us be your "guys"

Founded by an attorney FOR attorneys, XOGENT can either supplement or replace your current IT support staff. Maybe you have “a guy” that knows enough to be dangerous around a computer. Maybe that guy is YOU and you’d rather be concentrating on your clients and cases rather than worrying about supporting and protecting your IT infrastructure. Or maybe you have a small IT staff that needs Tier 2 and 3 level support when things go awry. Let XOGENT be “your guy”.  We manage hundreds of attorneys and firms just like you.

Support Requests Over Time

*Actual Client Results

Reducing Costs Getting to the Root of the Issue

In an effort to keep IT costs low, some firms choose to "do-it-yourself," but end up in a series of constant struggles, risk extended downtime, and threaten their business continuity. The data shows over time, however, that shifting the burden from cost savings to professionally managed efficiency will actually save you money. Even better, your headaches get resolved rather than be a constant menace. It also puts the onus on us to fix your issues quickly and efficiently. After all, each additional call costs us money, not you.

Fixed Fee vs. Hourly

"All in" Pricing

The problem with hourly billing for IT services for most law firms, is its inherent inefficiency as a service model. Regular maintenance and monitoring are sacrificed for cost savings. That usually accelerates replacement schedules and causes delays in problem resolution. 

We Can Help

We can help you get the most out of your technology and remove the barriers to your productivity. At the very least, a conversation with us will let you know if you're on the right track or if there's room for improvement. Let us help you be your best.


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