What is IaaS/Private Cloud?

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Private Cloud are synonyms for a scalable environment hosted in a datacenter built on infrastructure dedicated exclusively for your organization. It’s like moving your server room to a datacenter, but without the equipment.
  • IaaS is ideal when you need to grow quickly without having to invest large amounts in hardware, have large computing and storage requirements, or have very strict control, security, and compliance needs.
  • IaaS solves several problems at once in a big way – tight security, remote access, reliability, and scalability – by its very nature.
  • Moving to IaaS is a process. It can happen overnight, but typically we help you plan and migrate to minimize the downtime. We can coordinate with your IT staff or IT consultant, or we can manage the entire process for you.

Managed, dedicated servers can help you meet the compliance (e.g., HIPAA), security, and reliability needs of your website or high-performance application. Our hosted servers include a hardware firewall, monitoring, backup, and optionally, Managed Service. You can deploy hosted dedicated servers in a hybrid hosting environment with public cloud, private cloud, or managed virtualization, to create the ideal infrastructure for your organization, sites or applications. Flexible OS, power, memory, and storage make hosted servers an ideal choice to replace aging infrastructure.

Cloud Managed Services / Cloud Migration

All this cloud stuff is great, but who is going to manage it and get it all working? We can. Why worry about sync, migration, setup, and configuration if you don't have to. We can help plan your move to a virtual environment as well as seamlessly migrate your data and infrastructure.

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Cloud Services

The most difficult aspect of moving your infrastructure to the cloud is converting your physical servers to virtual servers in the cloud. We have a painless process that will convert your servers, migrate the data, and connect them back to your environment.

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