Automatically Creating (Useful) Subfolders

Document Management

For attorneys that are using a document management solution like Microsoft SharePoint, one of the difficult parts of managing your documents is creating a folder structure that works for your cases. Specifically, when using Microsoft SharePoint, the larger the number of subfolders, the more time you have to spend entering and maintaining that structure.

This video describes how to automate the creation of these subfolders. Also included are links to our standard template for document subfolders, and a generic view of how those subfolders might look when arranged by the phase of the case.

Ledes Standard

The Ledes standard has 5 phases in a legal case:

  • Phase 100 - Initial assessment of case and/or issue and outcomes
  • Phase 200 - Pleadings/preliminary proceedings
  • Phase 300 - Discovery/document production
  • Phase 400 - Hearings/trial practice
  • Phase 500 - Appellate practice